Choose the right coaming box to make more space to carry the world

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What is a coaming box?A coaming box is a wooden box consisting of pallet, body and lid, which are stacked and composed of more than one section of coaming.

Coaming boxes generally consist of four or six pieces of wood and hinges.The size of the coaming is customized according to the requirements of the goods.

What advantages do coaming cases have over wooden cases?

The wooden cases used to be packed and transported with iron nails, while today's coaming boxes are nail-free, reducing the risk of work.Sometimes the wooden case or the wooden bar is damaged, then all the packaging is in vain, to replace all the outer packing.But the coaming box is different, there is no case where the whole box is abandoned because of some damage to the box. As long as the size is the same, the exchange operation can be completed completely.

When the coaming box is delivered back, it can be folded and the return rate of empty box reaches 1:5, which greatly reduces the storage volume and reduces the transportation cost.

Moreover, the coaming box can effectively reduce the damage caused to the goods in the process of transportation, ensure the safety of the goods, facilitate the storage, transportation, loading and unloading, and speed up the handover and inspection.

When purchasing coaming boxes, select the most suitable coaming boxes carefully.


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