Choice of pallet structure

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Choice of pallet structure

The pallet is used as a floor plank, that is, the pallet will not move after being loaded into the goods, but it is only moisture-proof and waterproof. You can choose a pallet with a simple structure and a lower cost. Such as simple wooden pallets or simple plastic pallets, but you should pay attention to the static load of the stack pallet when using it. The pallets used for transportation, handling, loading and unloading should be pallets with high strength and large dynamic load. Because this kind of pallet has to be used repeatedly and used with a forklift, the strength of the pallet is relatively high, and the structure of the pallet is required to be 3runners or Full perimetes. Single-sided pallets or double-sided pallets are selected according to whether the pallets are to be stacked after loading the goods. Since single-sided pallets are only a bearing surface, they are not suitable for stacking, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the underlying cargo. If you need to stack the goods after loading, try to choose double-sided pallets. If the pallet is used on the shelf of the three-dimensional warehouse, consider whether the structure of the pallet is suitable for stacking on the shelf. Usually, because the goods can only be inserted from the shelf in two directions, the pallet used on the shelf should be used as far as possible to choose the pallet with forks on all sides, so that it is convenient for the forklift to pick up the goods and improve work efficiency. Such pallets generally choose Full perimetes structure.


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