Causes of plastic pallet deformation

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Causes of plastic pallet deformation

1. The cargo is overweight


This problem is relatively common and many. When purchasing, companies generally choose to carry a weight slightly higher than the actual weight. It is to avoid the problem of overweight goods when plastic pallets are used. Generally, overweight in a short period of time is difficult to deform the pallet. Serious overweight and improper use make the plastic pallet easy to deform.


2. The center of gravity of the goods is too high


The goods are placed too high, so you don’t need to blindly pursue high load-bearing when purchasing, just choose according to the actual situation of the goods. It is very dangerous to place goods with too high a center of gravity, and there are great safety risks. Not only will rollover easily cause damage to the goods and pallets, it also poses a great threat to the staff.


3. Uneven distribution of stress points


When everyone uses plastic pallets, try to plan the stacking method of the goods on the pallets. The goods are placed as neatly as possible, and the stacking is concentrated. Plastic pallets should be used on flat ground.


If the force of the plastic pallet is uneven, the weight of the cargo is concentrated on the edge of the plastic pallet, and there is no layer of cargo weight in the middle, and it will be easily deformed.


4. Inferior pallets


If there is no formal agreement at the time of purchase, and the plastic pallet manufacturer has no qualifications, it is difficult to protect the interests of customers. Unscrupulous manufacturers cut corners and refill the numbers indiscriminately. Plastic pallets are soft and fragile, which is also easy to deform. When you purchase plastic pallets, you should pay attention to identifying the manufacturer's qualifications. Choose qualified manufacturers, pay attention to signing the contract, after-sales is more secure.


5. Improper operation of equipment


When using forklifts, hydraulic trucks and other mechanical equipment together, incorrect handling operations will also deform the pallet. Violent operations by some forklift drivers will cause the forklift arms to hit the plastic pallet, which will cause the pallet to deform. The fork part of the plastic pallet is designed to be thicker, which is a good guarantee for the service life of the pallet.#plastic#pallet#plasticpalletdeformation


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