Application of thick sheet blister process in auto parts industry

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Vacuum forming is one of the most common forming methods for plastic packaging containers.It is a secondary molding technology with thermoplastic sheet as the molding object.In foreign countries, vacuum molding is an old molding process, due to constant development and change, now has a high degree of automation, mechanization, and do not produce any waste edge material, 100 percent of the raw and auxiliary materials into products, full assembly line production of the molding system engineering.

Introduction to thick film blister

The blister process can be divided into thick wall and thin wall according to the shape of raw materials (sheet or coil).Thick wall blister refers to the use of raw materials thickness more than 2mm, can not be in the automatic machine blister molding, must use the thick plate special semi-automatic blister molding machine processing and production technology.

Thick blister products generally have the characteristics of large area, large height and thick material.Thick - wall blister and thin - wall blister products are produced in the same way.Most of these plastic products are widely used in automobile interior and exterior decoration, transportation, building materials, packaging, medical equipment, household appliances, culture, education, sanitary ware, sporting goods and other fields of People's Daily life.

The principle of thick sheet blister processing is basically the same as the conventional blister process. The plastic sheet is cut into a certain size and heated to soften. By means of the pressure difference or mechanical pressure on both sides of the sheet, the plastic sheet is deformed and then coated on the profile of a specific mold.

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