Application of plastic pallet in service industry

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Application of plastic pallet in service industry

A brief analysis of the processing technology of plastic trays

Plastic tray is made of PE, PP plastic through hot melt injection molding machine.It plays an irreplaceable role in logistics, export, transportation, rapid handling, export and manufacturing, electronic and electrical industry, including the supermarket we often visit.

Abroad, plastic tray in the application of super market has years of history, in China, because of various reasons, the wooden pallet has occupied the market, and the requirements for environmental protection of food safety and hygiene, plastic tray have been used by more and more supermarkets, is mainly used in supermarket goods handling and warehouse storage services.

Two, plastic tray in the supermarket significant advantage

1.More sanitary: plastic pallets are more sanitary than wooden pallets.

2.More portable: plastic card plate because the material is lighter, so more suitable for lightweight requirements.

3.Smooth and smooth surface: no burrs, not easy to affect the goods.

4.Easy to clean: unlike wooden pallets, easier to clean.

5.Waterproofing not moth: no more than wood pallets, more waterproof, no risk of moth.

6.Recyclable and more environmentally friendly.

Third, the plastic tray application in the supermarket industry in the later stage of great potential

Common wood pallets because of the above shortcomings, plastic pallet will be more applied to the supermarket industry, because this can protect the goods handling and storage safety, and can save forest resources.

Its future is bright.


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