Appearance identification of plastic pallets

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Appearance identification of plastic pallets

By observing the appearance of the plastic pallet, it is possible to preliminarily identify the major categories of plastic products: thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics or elastomers. Generally, thermoplastics are crystalline and amorphous. The appearance of crystalline plastic is translucent, milky or opaque, and it is transparent only in the film state, and its hardness ranges from soft to horny. Amorphous is generally colorless, fully transparent when no additives are added, and the hardness is from harder than horny rubber (additives such as plasticizers are often added at this time). Thermosetting plastics usually contain fillers and are not transparent, such as transparent without fillers. The elastomer has a rubber-like feel and has a certain stretch rate. Heating identification of plastic pallets: The heating characteristics of the above three types of plastic pallets are also different, which can be identified by heating methods. Thermoplastics soften when heated, are easy to melt, and become transparent when they are melted, and can often draw filaments from the melt, and are usually easy to heat seal. Thermosetting plastics are heated until the material is chemically decomposed, maintaining its original hardness and not softening, and its size is relatively stable, and carbonizing at the decomposition temperature. When the elastomer is heated, it does not flow until the chemical decomposition temperature, and the material is decomposed and carbonized at the decomposition temperature.



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