Analyze the future trend of the price of plastic cardboard box

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Due to the limitation of wooden pallet in sanitary condition and standard production, the requirements of production condition, storage condition, process control and quality management are improved from time to time.Plastic cardboard boxes began to appear and soon took their place.At present has been widely used in machinery, electronics, food, medicine, clothing and other industries, different industries all different plastic card board box prices are not the same.Plastic card board box and wooden pallet, plastic card board box integrity is good, clean, easy to wash and disinfect, the use of light, no nail, acid and alkali resistance, no mold and other characteristics, its service life is 5-7 times of the wooden pallet.In addition, plastic card board box in line with environmental protection requirements, waste disk data can be recycled.Although the price of plastic card board box is relatively high, but the use of interest accounting is lower than the wooden pallet, so from this point of view, although the price of plastic card board box is high but the overall price of plastic card board box is relatively low.

Although the price of plastic card board box slightly higher than other pallets, but the whole plastic card board box manufacturing enterprises widely used, from 2006 by the tobacco and pharmaceutical industry to promote the new process of plastic card board box - plastic card box built - in steel insert technology.In this way, the product upgrading and technological innovation of the whole industry have been promoted. As a result, the types of plastic cardboard boxes have been increased, and the price of plastic cardboard boxes has also been reduced.In recent years, the average rate of renewal and growth of plastic cardboard box has been maintained at about 15%, among which the number of petrochemical, tobacco, food, medicine and transportation using plastic cardboard box is doubled.At present domestic plastic card board box production capacity, 5 years after the ability to basically reach the balance between supply and demand.Therefore, the plastic card board box in the country is in high - speed growth period.

Foreign plastic-processing giants are quietly moving inland, too.General electric (GE) plastics group has announced it will move its Asia Pacific headquarters from Tokyo to Shanghai at the same time.And to expand the plastic production capacity in China by more than half, and some foreign companies are to expand the plastic production capacity in China by means of joint ventures, mergers and other means.Tianjin plastic card board box products fair last year, the two main equipment manufacturers of plastic crate order amounted to nearly 35 million yuan, the contract intention reached 70 million yuan, this means: the near future, the capacity of domestic plastic crate will be double than currently, also will bring fierce competition of the market, with the fierce competition, plastic card board box price also is the main factor in the competition.

So, why is the plastic card board box industry, plastic card board box price is different?Below will list the following points, only for your reference.

A, plastic card board box material: generally used high-density polyethylene (chemical name: HDPE) and polypropylene (chemical name: PP).The prices of the two materials are different, and in certain periods (with the change in international oil prices) the price difference will be large.

B, plastic card box weight: obviously, the greater the weight of the tray, the more raw materials used, the higher the price.The weight is related to the mold, the same mold out of the plastic card box weight is basically the same, so the choice of mold is very important.

C, plastic card board, box structure: the weight of the same, different structure of the tray, there is a plastic injection molding, without subsequent processing, some pallets are required to pass through welding processing and so on multi-channel process after forming, cost is higher, of course, price is expensive, in addition, and prevent slippery, steel pipes, RFID (chips), such as pallet, the cost will be increased significantly, the price will also be increased accordingly.

D. Proportion of re-raw materials: the re-raw material tray is a one-time injection molding tray with a certain proportion of re-raw materials added;Obviously, the greater the proportion of raw materials, the lower the cost and the lower the price.Some small-scale manufacturers in order to maintain survival, again and again and again to reduce the price, desperately to add raw materials, some even with all the material production, resulting in the quality of the pallet intermingled;Looks like the price is very low, very cheap, in fact, there may be serious quality problems, resulting in the tray itself service life is very short.



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