Advantages of the nine-foot plastic tray

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Advantages of the nine-foot plastic tray

The kind of plastic pallet has many many, why nine feet plastic pallet is so popular now, so it has what advantage, some layman is not very understand.Now I'm going to read it.

Analysis of the advantages of nine-foot plastic tray mainly to see their own weight and structure;From the structural aspect, it can use the manual hydraulic truck and can enter the fork on all four sides;As there are beams at the bottom of the sichuan and tian plastic trays, only the mechanical forklift can enter the fork from the side. The manual forklift cannot enter the fork from the side because of the wheels. In particular, the manual hydraulic truck cannot be used on all four sides of the tian type.We design the field type, sichuan type, double-sided plastic pallet is mainly designed according to the shelf, so when you buy a plastic pallet to consider what type of forklift you use first, otherwise buy an inappropriate plastic pallet, the replacement cost will be very big oh.

From the weight aspect, the weight of nine-foot plastic tray should be compared to the field type, sichuan type, double-sided, some lighter, because the bottom is nine pier, so greatly save the pallet bottom of the material;We all understand that the price of plastic pallets mainly depends on how much material is used, the greater the weight of the pallet it costs more (in the case of the same pure raw material).So it is popular among buyers because of its light weight and low price.

There are also nine-foot plastic trays can be stacked, unused when you can save a lot of space.But no matter how good the product is there are advantages and disadvantages, because of the relative structure of good weight, so its quality is general, the load is relatively small.I hope that when you buy must be based on their own factory's use of the environment and what products to choose their own suitable plastic tray.

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