3runners grid plastic pallet

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3runners grid plastic pallet

3runners plastic pallets are used more on shelves, and the grid design makes them more ventilated. It has a 3runners structure at the bottom, which can be used for two-way fork-in, hydraulic vehicles and forklifts and other equipment. If it needs to be used on the shelf, steel pipes need to be added to reduce its bending value and increase the service life. Up to 8 steel pipes can be added to the grid3runners pallet, which can be processed by the manufacturer according to the demand. Its load-bearing capacity is superior. The heavy-duty 3runners grid pallet has a static load capacity of 5 tons, a dynamic load capacity of 1.5 tons, and a shelf load of 0.8 tons. Meet the needs of enterprises. In flat warehouses, rack warehouses, three-dimensional warehouses, smart warehouses and assembly lines, plastic pallets in3runners are used frequently. RFID smart chip can be added to track the pallet position and cargo information. Flat plastic pallet with 3runners character, which is easier to clean and disinfect. Many flour mills and food processing companies will choose it because its surface is not easy to accumulate dust and does not damage the product. It is very convenient to cooperate with mechanical equipment for turnover and transportation. 3runners pallets can also be built with steel pipes, but a flat 3runners plastic pallet can add up to 7 steel pipes. Chips can also be added to the flat 3runners pallet and put on the shelf for use.


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