240L plastic trash can

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240L plastic trash can

1.240 L

The plastic trash can body adopts high density polyethylene one-time injection molding, the appearance is smooth, easy to clean.

2. The front and back of the barrel are specially designed and newly added to strengthen ribs, so that the sides of the barrel can bear more impact force;

3. The wheel shaft is made of pure steel galvanized material with galvanized layer, which will not be deformed under various road conditions when full load;The diameter of the rubber wheel is

200mm, the outer wheel is made of rubber, the inner wheel frame is made of polyethylene, and the outer wheel is made of pure rubber to reduce the noise caused by the movement and make it move more smoothly.

4. During injection molding, the raw materials are evenly distributed to reduce the formation of local pressure;The radian inside of the bottom of the barrel is concave, which naturally reduces the impact force on the bottom of the barrel.The unique design of the barrel bottom and outside so that the bottom and the ground form an interval of about two centimeters, not directly with the ground contact, and installation

A steel needle wear point, so that the trash can placed more stable, reduce wear;

5. The carrying weight of the plastic bucket shall not exceed 45 percent of the capacity of the plastic bucket. The carrying capacity of the 240 liter bucket shall not exceed 110kg

);The plastic bucket mainly piles up the household garbage.

6. Applicable place: the products are applicable to a wide range of places, such as schools, towns, streets and factories.

General times as many as 2000 times above, check the plastic trash can without crack.For the empty plastic trash can, but also to conduct a static test, the trash should not attack the dump.

Although the thickness of the barrel is not the primary reason for the determination of barrel resistance, it has a great deal to do with the selection of raw materials, uv protection, and the mold and injection equipment, and it also depends on the mold planning.Quality is the lifeline of the healthy development of the manufacturing industry. Lianmao company regards quality as life. Shandong hengxu plastic industry co., LTD. Wins the favor of customers with excellent quality, fair price and perfect pre-sale and after-sales service.It is an enterprise with independent import and export right.The company has passed ISO2000 quality system certification, ISO14001

Environmental management system certification.The company's products meet China's environmental protection requirements, the company's business involves a wide range of industries, mainly electronic, automotive, chemical, logistics, food, tobacco, electrical appliances, mold, textile, supermarket, sanitation and other industries.


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