2020 plastic pallet market, demand for linear growth

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2020 plastic pallet market, demand for linear growth

Since plastic pallets are mostly formed at one time, their repairability is very low and will be damaged later. After a certain level of destruction, they can only be discarded, but the waste can be purchased. A one-time investment purchase is generally 2-5 times that of a wooden plate. Suitable for all kinds of truck transportation, easy to pack and transport materials, easy to move tools such as forklifts, hydraulic pallet trucks, four sides can be inserted, disposable fruit pallets are cheap, easy to operate, suitable for stacking in warehouses, and also suitable for various shelves. Plastic pallets are safe, hygienic, mothproof, and require no maintenance. The market for plastic disks has quietly changed, especially as the demand for plastic disks increases. The key influencing factors are as follows: the state has increased the extent of manipulating forest felling, and the cost of wood has increased significantly; overseas requirements for wooden pallets have become more and more serious, which has stimulated the application of plastic pallets. Everyone's understanding of the natural environment has been improved, and the national ecological and environmental protection policies and regulations have been improved. Planting disposable pallets has significant advantages at the level of purchasing plastic pallets. According to the requirements of the official website of the National Railway Administration, wooden pallets will be banned in future railway freight, and rumors that wooden pallets will be banned from being used in food and other industries within the next two years have already caused such manufacturing. The total number of plastic pallet orders in the industry has risen linearly.


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